SEV Consulting Group is one of the oldest Bahamian-owned environmental consultancies in The Bahamas. SEV has been in business since 2007 and has been the lead consulting firm for many projects throughout the islands. With a technical staff having more than 80 years combined environmental experience, we have provided our clients with the highest standard of service through our:

  • Knowledge of The Bahamas and its natural resources
  • Familiarity with regulatory systems and Government requirements for approval of development projects
  • Relationships in key agencies and companies in The Bahamas, regionally and globally
  • Experience in the regional and international arena
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The mission of SEV Consulting Group is to provide sound scientific knowledge and expertise to its clients with the aim of facilitating activities that are ecologically sustainable and cost effective.

Its work will embody the principles of excellence, equity, integrity, professionalism, sustainable use and stewardship.

At SEV, we firmly believe that development and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive and that as The Bahamas takes its place in the global community, the values and traditions of our physical environment need not be sacrificed.

While SEV has many staff members who ensure its commitment to its mission and values, SEV is the brainchild of Mrs. S. Helena Moultrie, its Vice-President of Environmental Policy and Planning. Mrs. Moultrie holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Sciences and Fisheries (University of the West Indies, Mona Campus) and a Master of Marine Management (Dalhousie University, Halifax). Her employment history in the environmental arena spans decades.

Mrs. Moultrie is responsible for business development, project management, staff management, and client service delivery in the areas of environmental policy, planning and management as well as EIA and EMP development, coordination of internationally-funded projects and development of environmental education, awareness and training materials.

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SEV is committed to utilizing the skills and expertise of local Bahamians, but also recognizes the added knowledge and technology, which international partners can provide. Over the course of its long history, SEV has forged strong partnerships with the following national and international firms.