Caribbean Regional Fund for Wastewater Management

Testing a Prototype Caribbean Regional Fund for Wastewater Management (CReW) – Final Review and Editing of Documentation (Project Document, CEO Form and associated annexes) to be submitted to the GEF Secretariat for Approval and Compilation of Overall Project Budget – 19 countries in the Wider Caribbean Region (March –Sept 2010)

Proposal development for GEF Full-Sized Project for a Sustainable Network of Marine Protected Areas in The Bahamas (2008 – 2009)

Model Policy and Strategy for Water Use Efficiency in the Caribbean for 13 Caribbean countries (2008)

Conducting a Review of Policy, Legislation & Institutional Structures related to Integrated Watershed and Coastal Area Management (IWCAM) in countries participating in the IWCAM Regional Project – review for The Bahamas (2007)